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TAZARA Recruitment

TAZARA Recruitment: The Tanzanian Zambia Railway Authority has open portal for interested applicants, who have been waiting and willing to work with her team, to fill the form and get started with work immediately.

On this page we will show you all you need to know about the Tanzanian Zambia Railway Authority how it started, the recruitment process, eligible province to apply for this year recruitment, how to apply, the deadline for the recruitment application and lot more.

To get all this, take a breath, stay calm and kindly follow the process. As you read on, the following questions will also be taken care of:

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  • TAZARA vacancies and career opportunities
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Overview of the Job

The Tanzanian Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) offers exciting opportunities for individuals seeking a rewarding career in the railway industry. Established to enhance connectivity and trade between Tanzania and Zambia, TAZARA plays a vital role in the economic development of both nations. In this section, we will delve into the key aspects of the job, providing insights into the organization’s mission and the impact of its operations.

Introduction of the Job

Working with TAZARA involves contributing to the efficient functioning of a crucial transportation network. Employees play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth movement of goods and passengers between Tanzania and Zambia. This section will explore the significance of the job, highlighting the responsibilities and challenges that come with it.

The Recruitment Process

Securing a position with TAZARA involves a comprehensive recruitment process. From submitting an application to undergoing interviews and assessments, prospective candidates go through several stages. In this section, we will walk you through the recruitment journey, offering tips and insights to help you navigate each step successfully.

Eligible province

Understanding the eligible regions is crucial for potential candidates to ensure their qualifications align with the organization’s requirements. TAZARA welcomes applications from individuals across specific provinces.

  • Central Province
  • Western Province
  • Muchinga Province
  • Southern Province
  • North – Western Province
  • Northern Province
  • Lusaka Province
  • Luapula Province
  • Eastern Province
  • Copperbelt Province

Requirements for TAZARA Job

To qualify for a position at TAZARA, certain criteria must be met. This section outlines the basic requirements needed for the job.

  • Means of identification and must not be below 18 years
  • Must be Zambian citizen
  • possess Examination council of Zambia ECZ with Grade 12
  • Bachelor’s degree or more is of advantage

How to Apply for TAZARA Zambian Job

Navigating through the process of securing a job with TAZARA. The authority of Tanzanian Zambia Railway Authority requires all application form and CVs be submitted manually to the address below:

The Regional General Manager (T)
Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority
Junction of Nelson Mandela & Julius Nyerere Road
P.O. Box 40160

Kindly address your letter to the address above, note the recruitment does not require any payment, and only interested applicant will contacted.

Things to note when applying for the Job

  • Make sure your mail address is correct
  • Make sure your phone number is active
  • Your name matches all your document
  • Only apply with the current certificate
  • Attached a passport to your application

Benefits of working with Tanzanian Zambia Railway Authority

Working with TAZARA comes with a range of benefits, from competitive salaries to opportunities for career growth. This section highlights the perks of being part of the TAZARA team, showcasing why it’s not just a job but a fulfilling career choice.

Conclusion on TAZARA Recruitment

In conclusion, a career with TAZARA offers not only a job but an opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of two nations. Boldly step into the world of railway operations and play a crucial role in connecting Tanzania and Zambia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the work of TAZARA?

TAZARA is responsible for facilitating railway transportation between Tanzania and Zambia, contributing to economic development and regional connectivity.

  • When was TAZARA Created?

TAZARA was established in 1976 to strengthen trade ties and transportation links between Tanzania and Zambia.

  • Is the TAZARA Recruitment Form Out?

Yes, the recruitment is currently ongoing, interested applicants should send or submit their credentials to their office.

  • What is the TAZARA Job Closing Date?

The closing date for applications form is not yet announced, since the application is a table format collection.

  • Where can I buy the TAZARA recruitment Form?

There is no recruitment form for the Tanzanian Zambia Railway Authority online, TAZARA recruitment forms are typically offline, kindly submit your application letter to:

The Regional General Manager (T)
Tanzania Zambia Railway Authority
Junction of Nelson Mandela & Julius Nyerere Road
P.O. Box 40160

Be cautious of unauthorized sources and rely on the official platform for applications.

  • What is the website of TAZARA?

The official website of TAZARA is www.tazarasite.com. Visit this site for the latest updates, recruitment forms, and other relevant information.

  • What is the head office Address of TAZARA?

The TAZARA head office is located at Junction of Nelson Mandela & Julius Nyerere Road, where inquiries and official communications can be directed.


  1. I’m interested working with Tazara now I’m confused about address, that address is for Tanzanian what about us Zambians is it not in mpika where to submit the application forms or what?

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