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NRDC Recruitment

NRDC Recruitment: The Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) is currently offering exciting job opportunities for individuals seeking a meaningful career in the field of natural resources. interested applicants should register and fill up the vacant position.

As the demand for skilled professionals in this sector continues to rise, NRDC is actively recruiting candidates to contribute to its mission of sustainable development.

On this page we will give you all that you need to know concerning the NRDC Job and recruitment. the guideline includes the recruitment process, requirement involves, how to apply eligible province to apply and lot more. to get started kindly read through the recruitment process.

The Recruitment Process

Navigating the NRDC recruitment process is an essential step for prospective Applicant. The organization employs a thorough and transparent hiring process designed to identify the most qualified individuals. From initial application to final interview, kindly read the eligible provinces below.

Eligible Provinces

To ensure widespread opportunities, Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) extends its recruitment efforts to specific provinces. Learn more about the eligible provinces where you can apply for these coveted positions.

  • Central Province
  • Western Province
  • Muchinga Province
  • Southern Province
  • North – Western Province
  • Northern Province
  • Lusaka Province
  • Luapula Province
  • Eastern Province
  • Copperbelt Province

Whether you’re in a bustling urban center or a serene rural setting, NRDC values diversity and seeks talent from various regions.

Requirements for NRDC Job

To qualify for NRDC positions, applicants must meet the following requirements.

  • He or She must reside in Zambia
  • Applicant must not be below the age of 20
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Applicant must have a certificate of Zambia (ECZ)
  • Degree Certificate from a recognized institution highly recommended

Professional experience and specialized skills relevant to the natural resources sector is of advantage in getting the job.

How to Apply for NRDC Recruitment

Applying for a position at NRDC is a straightforward process. Interested applicant are to send their application letter, CVs, passport and other relevant document to their official recruitment email at or

Things to Know About NRDC Job

Before following the application proceedings, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with key aspects of NRDC, understanding mission and core values of the organization. this will help applicant in their screening, interviews and exams.

working with NRDC attracts a lot of benefits, starting from the salaries to the incentives. NRDC is committed to fostering a positive work environment, providing opportunities for professional growth and lot more.


In conclusion, the Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) Recruitment opens doors for individuals passionate about contributing to sustainable development. By understanding the recruitment process, eligibility criteria, and the organization’s values, applicants can position themselves as ideal candidates for these exciting opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the work of Natural Resources Development College NRDC?

NRDC focuses on natural resources development,  a public training institution under the Ministry of Agriculture, training students on agriculture.

  • When was Natural Resources Development College Created?

NRDC was established 1965, marking the beginning of its impactful journey.

  • Is the NRDC recruitment form out?

yes, though the recruitment registration is not carried out on their website, interested applicant are to send their CVs to  the natural resources development email.

  • What is the NRDC recruitment closing date?

Closing dates for NRDC recruitment applications is not carried out on the official web page, applicants are to send their CV to the school recruitment mail, although the deadline is yet to be announced.

  • Where can I buy the NRDC recruitment form?

NRDC’s recruitment form/employment process is always pass through sites like Ohmyspace-Agency to reach the interested people. The Natural Resources Development College recruitment form is free.

  • Can a woman apply for NRDC Job?

The Natural Resources Development College encourages applications from individuals of all genders, promoting inclusivity in the workforce of the teaching section.

  • What is the website of NRDC Job?

NRDC’s official website is, where you can find detailed information about the organization and other announcement.

  • What is the head office address of the said topic?

The head office of NRDC is located:

No. 7132 Off great East Road
Private Bag CH99, Chelstone
Lusaka, Zambia.

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