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MOF Recruitment

MOF Recruitment: The Ministry of Finance (MOF) in Zambia is offering exciting job opportunities for eligible candidates. If you’re looking to contribute to the financial well-being of the nation, this could be the perfect chance for you.

Moreover, the Ministry of Finance is instrumental in crafting financial strategies that align with national goals, fostering an environment conducive to investment and economic progress. By maintaining transparent and efficient financial practices, the ministry contributes significantly to Zambia’s economic resilience.

In essence, the Ministry of Finance serves as the backbone of financial governance, safeguarding and propelling the economic prosperity of the nation.

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The Recruitment Process

The Ministry of Finance has outlined a comprehensive recruitment process to ensure the selection of the most qualified candidates. Before diving into the application details, let’s first understand the eligible provinces where applicants must be located:

Eligible Provinces

  1. Central Province
  2. Western Province
  3. Muchinga Province
  4. Southern Province
  5. North – Western Province
  6. Northern Province
  7. Lusaka Province
  8. Luapula Province
  9. Eastern Province
  10. Copperbelt Province

Requirements for MOF Job

To be eligible for the Ministry of Finance recruitment, candidates must meet the following criteria:

The Basic Requirements

  • Must be a citizen of Zambia
  • Applicant must possess a valid Zambian ID card
  • Applicant must be at least 22 years old
  • Must have a valid ECZ with Grade 12
  • No criminal record is allowed
  • A degree from a recognized institution is mandatory

How to Apply for Ministry of Finance Job

Ready to kick-start your career with the Ministry of Finance in Zambia? Follow these simple steps to apply:

  1. Visit the official Ministry of Finance website at
  2. Navigate to the recruitment section.
  3. Carefully read through the application guidelines and requirements.
  4. Provide correct and current information while completing the online application form.
  5. As instructed in the application guidelines, attach the required document.
  6. Submit your application before the deadline.

The Ministry of Finance, Zambia, values transparency and efficiency in its recruitment process. By adhering to the outlined steps, applicants can ensure their profiles are thoroughly considered for potential employment opportunities.


1. What is the work of the Ministry of Finance?

The Ministry of Finance in Zambia plays a crucial role in managing the economic resources of the country. They are responsible for budget formulation, fiscal policies, and overall financial management to ensure sustainable economic growth.

3. Is the Recruitment Form Out?

Yes, the application for employment is currently accessible on the official website. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply before the deadline.

4. Who is the Director of the Ministry of Finance?

The current director of the Ministry of Finance is Situmbeko Musokotwane, a seasoned professional with vast experience in financial management.

5. What is the Closing Date for MOF Applications?

As of now, the closing date for applications has not been released. Applicants are advised to regularly visit to stay updated.

6. When Will the MOF Recruitment Start?

Recruitment is currently ongoing, providing eligible candidates with the opportunity to apply and join the Ministry of Finance team.

7. Can a Woman Apply for the Job?

The Ministry of Finance encourages applications from qualified individuals, regardless of gender. All eligible candidates, including women, are welcome to apply.

8. Where Can I Buy the Recruitment Form?

The Ministry of Finance emphasizes that the recruitment form is NOT FOR SALE. Applicants can access and submit their forms through the official portal, ensuring a fair and transparent process.


Boldly step into the realm of possibilities with the Ministry of Finance recruitment in Zambia. By meeting the specified criteria and following the outlined application process, you could be on your way to contributing significantly to the financial prosperity of the nation. Stay updated on the official website for any announcements and deadlines. Best of luck with your application.

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