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Ministry of Agriculture Recruitment

Ministry of Agriculture Recruitment: The MOA known as Ministry of Agriculture has open portal accepting application forms from interested applicant who wish to apply. To know more, kindly read this page content to end.

Working with the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) can be an enriching and rewarding experience for individuals interested in contributing to the agricultural sector. The ministry plays a crucial role in shaping and implementing policies related to agriculture, ensuring food security, and promoting sustainable farming practices. In this section, we’ll delve into the key aspects of the job and what makes it a compelling opportunity.

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MOA Recruitment Process

Understanding the recruitment process is vital for anyone aspiring to join the Ministry of Agriculture. From initial application to final selection, the process involves several stages, including screening, interviews, and assessments. We’ll provide an insightful overview of what candidates can expect during their journey towards securing a position within the MOA.

Eligible Provinces

While the Ministry of Agriculture operates nationally, there may be specific provinces where recruitment efforts are focused. It’s essential for potential applicants to know which provinces are eligible for the current hiring cycle. We’ll explore this aspect, shedding light on the geographical scope of the recruitment drive.

  • Central Province
  • Western Province
  • Muchinga Province
  • Southern Province
  • North – Western Province
  • Northern Province
  • Lusaka Province
  • Luapula Province
  • Eastern Province
  • Copperbelt Province

Requirements for the MOA Job

To ensure a smooth application process, candidates must be aware of the specific requirements set by the Ministry of Agriculture. This includes educational qualifications, relevant experience, and any additional criteria deemed necessary for the positions available. Our detailed exploration will guide potential applicants in preparing a comprehensive and competitive application.

How to Apply for Ministry of Agriculture Job

Navigating through the application process is a crucial step toward securing a position with the Ministry of Agriculture. Kindly follow the step-by-step guide on how to submit a successful application, including tips on preparing a standout resume and crafting an effective cover letter. visit and fill the form.

Prospective candidates should be well-informed about various aspects of the Ministry of Agriculture, such as its mission, values, and recent initiatives. This is to help prepare the minds os applicants on the nature of the work, helping applicants align themselves with the ministry’s goals. Here are the list of department in the ministry:

  • Department of Co-operatives
  • Department of Human Resources and Administration
  • Fisheries Department
  • Department of Agri-business and Marketing
  • Department of Policy and Planning
  • Department of Livestock Development
  • Department of Veterinary Services
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Zambia Agriculture Research Institute
  • Seed Control and Certification Institute

Conclusion on Ministry of Agriculture Recruitment

In conclusion, applying for a position with the Ministry of Agriculture is a significant step for individuals passionate about contributing to the agricultural sector. By following the detailed insights provided in this article, prospective candidates can navigate the recruitment process with confidence and increase their chances of securing a fulfilling role within the ministry.


  • What is the work of the Ministry of Agriculture?

The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for shaping and implementing policies related to agriculture, ensuring food security, and promoting sustainable farming practices.

  • Is the Ministry of Agriculture Recruitment form out?

Yes, the recruitment is out, interested applicant are advised to regularly check the official website via to accesss the form.

  • Who is the Founder of the Ministry of Agriculture?

The ministry is a government institution, and its establishment is credited to the government body overseeing agriculture, not owned by individual. An individual can only be appointed as minister controlling it for a while by giving report and account of the ministry.

  • What is the Ministry of Agriculture recruitment closing date?

The closing date for recruitment varies for some positions, although no deadlines is yet announced.

  • When will the Ministry of Agriculture start recruitment?

Currently the recruitment form is ongoing, although recruitment cycles may vary, and candidates are advised to monitor the official website for announcements on upcoming opportunities.

  • Where can I buy the Ministry of Agriculture recruitment form?

The recruitment process for the Ministry of Agriculture is typically online, and application forms can be accessed and submitted through the official website Physical forms are somethings consider, but this is to avoid long queue in the premises of the ministry.


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