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Zambezi Airline Job

Zambezi Airline Job: Do you want to know if the Zambezi Airlines recruitment is ongoing, or what are your questions? Below is a list of question in which answers are on this page.

  • When is the Zambezi Airlines Starting Recruitment?
  • Is the Zambezi Airlines Recruitment Ongoing?
  • How can I apply for the Zambezi Airline Job?
  • What are the requirements for Zambezi Airlines Recruitment?
  • Is the Zambezi Airlines Recruitment form out?
  • When will Zambezi Airlines Recruitment Start this Year?

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on the recruitment process, eligibility criteria, application requirements, and the myriad benefits associated with joining Zambezi Airlines.

Things to Know About Zambezi Airlines

Before clicking the application form link, candidates should be well-informed about Zambezi Airlines as an employer. It is essential to know the company’s values, mission, and workplace culture. Additionally, it may include insights into the airline’s recent achievements, innovations, or any notable projects, enhancing the applicant’s understanding of the organization.

Zambezi Airlines Recruitment Process

Zambezi Airlines’s recruitment process is designed to identify and attract talented individuals who share the company’s commitment to excellence in air travel. Prospective candidates can expect a multi-stage selection process, including initial application screening, assessment tests, interviews, and, finally, job offers for successful candidates.

Eligible Province

Zambezi Airlines Recruitment welcomes applicants from various provinces as follows:

  • Central Province
  • Western Province
  • Muchinga Province
  • Southern Province
  • North–Western Province
  • Northern Province
  • Lusaka Province
  • Luapula Province
  • Eastern Province
  • Copperbelt Province

Ensuring a diverse pool of talent. While the airline operates globally.

Requirements for Zambezi Airline Job

To qualify for Zambezi Airlines Recruitment, candidates must meet the following requirements.

  •     Applicant must not be below the age of 25
  •     Both Citizen and NON Citizen can apply
  •     Applicant must have a Valid Means of identification
  •     ECZ Certificate Holders are also accepted
  •     Applicant must be good and fluent in English
  •     Applicant must have a good record from root, no criminal record
  •     A degree certificate is needed, Except those applying for the follow positions
  1. Cleaner
  2. Driver
  3. Security
  4. Loaders, etc.

And any specific skills or certifications required for various positions within the airline. Clear and concise information will guide applicants in understanding the prerequisites for a successful application.

How to Apply for Zambezi Airline Job

Interested applicant who wish to work with the Zambezi Airlines should visit please make sure you fill the information correctly.

Benefits of Working with the Zambezi Airlines

Joining Zambezi Airlines comes with a host of benefits. From competitive salary packages to opportunities for career growth and development, this section will highlight the advantages of being part of the Zambezi Airlines team. Employee perks, work-life balance initiatives, and other unique offerings will be explored, showcasing why Zambezi Airlines is an employer of choice.


In conclusion, Zambezi Airlines Recruitment provides a gateway to a fulfilling career in the aviation industry. With a thorough understanding of the recruitment process, eligibility criteria, and the perks of joining the Zambezi Airlines team, prospective candidates can confidently pursue opportunities with this esteemed airline.


  • What is the work of Zambezi Airlines?

Zambezi Airlines operates as a leading player in the aviation industry, providing air travel services globally.

  • When was Zambezi Airlines created?

Zambezi Airlines was founded in May 2008, and has since become a prominent name in the aviation sector.

  • Is the Zambezi Airlines recruitment form out?

Yes, To stay updated on recruitment announcements, regularly check the official Zambezi Airlines’s website or designated recruitment platforms like

  • Who is the founder of Zambezi Airlines?

Zambezi Airlines is headed in person of Oliver Chidawu, a visionary in the aviation industry.

  • What is the Zambezi Airlines Closing Date for Recruitment?

The closing date for Zambezi Airlines recruitment yet to be announced, interested applicant are advised to apply now before it’s late.

  • When will Zambezi Airlines start Recruitment?

Recruitment periods can vary. But currently the Zambezi Airlines recruitment form is out, visit the recruitment form portal and fill the form.

  • Where can I buy the Zambezi Airlines Recruitment Form?

Application details, including where to obtain the recruitment form is available on the official Zambezi Airlines’s website.

  • Can a woman apply for Zambezi Airlines?

Absolutely, Zambezi Airlines encourages diversity and welcomes applications from qualified individuals, irrespective of gender, women are free to apply.

  • Can a handicap apply for Zambezi Airlines?

Zambezi Airlines is committed to providing equal opportunities. Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to apply, but should not apply under the office of heavy duty.

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